Frequently Asked Questions

‘Consent’ is a legal document granted by the MPCB involving the implementation of several environmental legislation's in order to monitor the activities leading to pollution. The main objective of granting consent is to help the industry in planning a comprehensive program towards measurement, prevention & control of pollution arising due to its operational activities. This in turn will keep the industries abreast with proper functioning & maintenance of the various environmental infrastructures implemented for reducing the load of pollution. An entrepreneur running/ establishing an industry/process/project and discharging any pollutant into the water body/or on land/air shall make an application for consent to establish before starting the project or expansion [Before starting any activity on site] or any kind of changes which is increasing financial investment of company though it is not leading to increase in production quantity.

As per the provisions under Section 26 of Water (Prevention & Control of Pollution) Act, 1974, Section 21 of Air (Prevention & Control of Pollution) Act, 1981 & Authorization under Rule 5 of Hazardous Waste (Management, Handling & Transboundry Movement) Rules, 2008, Biomedical Waste (M & H) Rules, 1989, obtaining consent is mandatory to the following-

1. Any activity (industry, operation or process or an extension and addition),

2. Which generates sewerage or trade effluent

3. Emit any air pollution into the atmosphere

4. Generating, storing, transporting, disposing or handling hazardous waste

5. The medical institutions generating biomedical waste

1. Consent to Establish- Required before starting any activity on site

2. Consent to Operate- Required even before starting the trial production & is given for a particular period

3. Renewal of Consent to Operate- Needs to be renewed before 60 days prior to expiry of earlier consent

The form is available on MPCB website- www.mpcb.gov.in

The consent application form is to be submitted in triplicate to the Board.

Depending on the types of manufacturing process & the potential to cause nuisance to the environment, it is divided into 3 categories as RED, ORANGE & GREEN.

The form is available for Rs. 100/-

The fees are dependent on the capital investment (without depreciation) of the industry.

Fees are payable in form of Demand Draft at any Nationalized Bank at respective Sub-Regional / Regional office / Head
Quarter along with the completed prescribed form.

The term of consent for Red, Orange & Green category of industry is 1, 2 & 3 years respectively.

The industries can also obtain the consent for extended period up-to 5 terms by paying proportionate fees.

The fees applicable are as per the GR issued by the Environment Department, Government of Maharashtra dated August 25, 2011, & is as given below-